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NHIT Week 2017: The Value of Health IT

Every year, HIMSS sponsors National Health IT (NHIT) Week to raise awareness for the value of health IT. There are many ways you and your company can participate during NHIT Week and throughout the year.

National Health IT Week 2017 is October 2–6, 2017. Visit to get involved.

This year’s NHIT Week has 4 main themes. Keep these themes in mind as you spread the word about NHIT Week and the value of healthcare technology.

1. Supporting Healthcare Transformation

Innovations and improvements in interoperability, safety, quality, patient engagement, and more.

2. Expanding Access to High Quality Care

Improving access to healthcare and patient outcomes through telehealth and remote monitoring.

3. Increasing Economic Opportunity

Health IT’s role in creating economic growth.

4. Making Communities Healthier

Supporting population health and public health.


We are proud to represent our health IT clients past and present, each of which have worked tirelessly to advance at least one of these core themes.

Long-Term Care Software
Alternative Health Provider
Clinical Analytics Platform
Medical Devices & IT
Healthcare SaaS
Healthcare SaaS
Healthcare IT
Healthcare Software
Healthcare Imaging Software
Long-Term Care Software
Healthcare Consulting
Medical Purchasing Platform
OR regional hospital
Merge Healthcare
Healthcare Analytics
Clinician Engagement
Skilled Nursing Software
Michigan IPA
Industrial Safety Products
Optical Centers
Unival Medical
VoiceFirst Solutions
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