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Humanizing the B2B brand: A brand personality survey

When asking customers to describe a B2B brand, they often use the words conservative, sterile, boring, cold, or safe. B2B brands need to shift from being institutional to being relational. This is what brand personality is all about.

A successful brand personality will elicit an emotional response to your purpose and motivate people to buy or employees to become dedicated. These people can see your value and they will want to align themselves with you.

Discover your brand personality with our free survey

Take our brand personality survey to assess the state of your brand and get recommendations on where it needs to go. There are no wrong answers.

7 questions in less than 3 minutes

1) Our brand easily articulates the value in WHY we do what we do and WHO we do it for.

2) Our brand is authentic. Our leadership and employees are saying and doing the things that are consistent with our beliefs.

3) Our brand excites people or gets them to ask questions.

4) People are eager to talk with us about what we do. We don’t have to push for the conversation.

5) Our content and communications are engaging, helpful, or meaningful.

6) Our brand conveys the promise we are making to customers and elicits the emotional response we want.

7) Our brand conveys the change we want to make in our industry.

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