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Search Marketing Integration: Using SEO to Build a Brand

Another important aspect of search marketing integration is branding. Google wants to see that you have a strong brand and that people are interacting with your brand online. Branding can be easily integrated into your current SEO and social media strategies.

When building a strong brand and company identity, it is important to build an engaged community. Optimizing your social media profiles, employing an engaging content marketing strategy, and issuing press releases on timely, newsworthy company announcements are great ways to build a brand utilizing SEO strategies. Stay active and involved in your community and create a page on your website to showcase and highlight your community engagement to bring positive attention to your business.

Public relations can also work together with SEO to build a strong brand. Try reaching out to traditionally print focused publications. They tend to have great authority and reputation in Google’s eye, and a link from these sites will be valuable. Continue building relationships with publications relevant to your industry, and it will get easier to integrate SEO into your PR efforts.

Don’t forget to mix in some branded keywords to your link building strategy. Product names, brand names, and company names are increasingly important to search engine rankings. This will also help increase brand awareness and build brand popularity. Branded keywords will also make your link profile look more natural, and help you avoid any unnatural link building penalties.

Looking for more search marketing insights from a healthcare marketing agency? Check back to our outsource marketing blog next week for part 4 of this 5 part search marketing integration series. Contact Clarity Quest Marketing at 877-887-7611, or visit us online to request a quote.


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