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2017 Health IT Trends

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In 2017, the healthcare IT industry will continue to evolve and grow. According to Todd Bennett, Director of LexisNexis Health Care,2017 will prove to be a continuation of the same—with eyes on real ways and big ways to make our system of care better with every program and new initiative that our healthcare organizations and policy crafters attempt.”

In addition, healthcare industry experts predict the following IT trends will emerge in 2017:

  • The Cloud will become the primary way to build enterprise architecture
  • CIOs will focus on solving data warehousing and storage issues
  • Expensive and hard-to-staff RCM functions will be outsourced
  • Precision medicine will make inroads, but still requires more data to be effective
  • Patients will take greater control over health records, including image data

View our infographic below to discover more predictions for healthcare IT this year:

2017 Health IT Trends

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Sources: Black Book Research, Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review
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