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5 Tips for Better Press Release Pitches

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You’ve written a compelling press release for your company or your client and now it is time to get it published in the appropriate media outlets. So what do you do next?

  1. Compile a list of media outlets you want to pitch, including the appropriate contact for each. Spend some time searching their site to make sure you send the pitch to the editor or journalist who writes most often about your industry or topic. This will ensure that your press release gets into the right hands and has a better chance of making it into the publication.
  2. Draft an email pitch. Keep the pitch short and simple to make it as easy on the journalist or editor as possible. Remember to write in a style that can help the journalist or editor realize that your press release or story would be a good fit for their particular publication.
  3. In each email pitch, insert a sentence or two that lets the recipient know you are pitching directly to him. Editors are less likely to respond to generic pitches that are sent to mass lists. Adding a personal touch to each pitch will increase your chances of getting the release published.
  4. Track the pickup of your press release across all media outlets. An easy way to do this is by setting up a Google Alert to notify you of any occasion where your press release is published on the web.
  5. Finally, follow up with the journalists and editors who have published your press release. A simple thank you will do here. Let the editor know you appreciate the coverage and let him know that you can provide additional content if necessary. Building solid relationships with journalists and editors is a key aspect of public relations. The more helpful you are to the editors, the more likely they are to come to you in search for more content.


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