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B2B Nuggets: Marketing to Emotions, Video Tools & Content Marketing Experts

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Check out some of the great marketing and business posts we’ve read this week. Each of these posts contains some great information, so give them a quick read! Feel free to add your favorite post of the week to the comments section below.

Here is what we’ve been reading:

Effective Marketing Appeals to Emotions Instead of Reason
Your advertising messages can stand out by making emotional connections with your audience. This strategy establishes a deeper value for customers.

11 Awesome Video Marketing Tools
Keep your audience in mind when brainstorming video content. Explore these tools for editing, analytics, and animation to create unique videos and expand your video marketing efforts.

Best Content Marketing Experts to Follow
Learn who some of the top content marketing experts are. Do you follow these individuals on social media?

What are the Biggest Challenges of Lead Nurture Programs?
This study of B2B marketers identified lead nurture challenges. 71% of respondents reported targeting content by buyer stage or interest is a key challenge.

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