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What’s the difference between copywriting and content writing?

By May 26, 2021No Comments

Copywriting and content writing are pretty different, but both require a thoughtful and intentional approach when writing.

While each functions differently for your overarching marketing campaign, both work together to achieve results, and both are essential to your SEO.

First, what are they?

Copywriting is the art of getting someone to act quickly. Think of social media posts, paid ads, meta descriptions, and nurture and sales emails. Copywriting is like a sprint!

On the other hand, content is more like a marathon, where you write to educate or inspire action through storytelling, and build brand recognition over time. This type of content includes blog posts, e-books, white papers, and case studies, to name a few.

What do they do?

Copywriting delivers higher ROI, builds initial brand awareness, and leads to conversions.

Content helps you move from brand awareness to brand recognition and establishes authority and expertise in your industry, leading to collaboration and thought leadership. You can also use it to build relationships and humanize your company.

When would I use each of them?

Copywriting is fast-paced and meant to inspire action. You should use it for emails, announcements, social media posts, and other straightforward website content. It also requires you to think of fresh ideas and maintain consistency to capture and keep your audience’s attention.

Here’s an excellent example of how to write your copy:

Content writing should be used when you want to establish a presence in the products you are selling or services you are providing and to maintain customer loyalty. Content writing varies but it should be used to provoke thought or influence the reader to want to learn more.

Need help developing your content and copywriting strategies?

You need strong, thoughtful copy and content for branding recognition and generating sales. Your messaging and tone should always be targeted to your ideal client persona and both should be funneled into your overarching SEO strategy.

Let us help you reach your audiences at the right pace. 

Rayna Southart

Author Rayna Southart

Rayna is a skilled and creative Content Marketing Manager at Clarity Quest. When she's not crafting killer content, you can find her devouring podcasts and good books. To learn more about Rayna's experiences and qualifications, visit our leadership team page.

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