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Clarity Quest believes in personal growth and the power of community building. We give each employee an additional day off to pursue a volunteer opportunity of their choice.

During my latest quarterly volunteer day at the Greater Lansing Food Bank (GLFB), my team and I sorted through what seemed like countless canned goods, squinting to check expiration dates, cleaning packages, and boxing up items for distribution to local food banks and shelters.

It wasn’t until after my 4-hour shift that I realized how small my contribution was in comparison to the hundreds of volunteers who walk into that warehouse every year, cleaning, sorting, and packaging more food than I could wrap my mind around. I had seen the whiteboard with the GLFB’s 2018 totals, and I was astounded:

  • GLFB received 9,738,611 pounds of food in 2018 from manufacturers, retail, USDA/TEFAP, food drives, garden projects, and other sources
  • Volunteers donated 14,322 hours
  • GLFB traveled 157,986 miles picking up and delivering food
  • GLFB distributed 8,721,825 pounds of food through pantries, mobiles, backpacks, community events, kitchens, and shelters
  • These efforts created 6,949,851 meals in 2018

And that’s just this one distribution center. Combine these accomplishments with similar stories from thousands of food banks and volunteers around the country, and you’ve got a truly amazing story of people helping people.

Seeing these massive numbers can make you feel insignificant, like your miniscule contribution couldn’t possibly make a difference. If I didn’t show up to volunteer every quarter, would those numbers on the whiteboard have changed at all? Probably not.

But if everyone had that mentality, the numbers surely would plummet. We’re all stronger together, and can move mountains with our collective efforts.

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Resource: GLFB

Food banks around the country have opportunities in warehouses, gardens, and delivery trucks. If you’re interested in volunteering, find a food bank near you.

How Do You Make a Difference?

Whether you donate your time, funds, or knowledge to an entrepreneur or charity in your backyard or across the globe — you can and will make a difference!

To learn more about Clarity Quest’s efforts, see how we give back and check our blog for more updates.

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