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Clarity Quest believes in personal growth and the power of community building. We give each employee an additional day off to pursue a volunteer opportunity of their choice.

I believe everyone should have a cause that they are passionate about. Mine is supporting the fight against cancer. It is my way of fighting back against something that we often feel powerless against, and I am honored to have volunteered with the Fred Hutch, a leading research institution in cancer research.

I recently finished my term as President and my 15th year of volunteering with The Arnold Guild, the founder and host of the Hutch Holiday Gala.

In addition to supporting the production of the event and procurement, we serve as ambassadors for the Fred Hutch to host and volunteer at a variety of other events, including:

  • A fundraising event in partnership with Esquin Wine Merchants
  • Dinner at the SCCA House for the patients and their families who have traveled to Seattle for treatment
  • An art project with the children whose families have been affected by cancer at the Hutch School
  • A rest stop along the course at the Obliteride fundraiser
  • A volunteer table at Base to Space

“I know we can cure cancer. It’s no longer a question of whether, it’s a question of when. And that’s where you come in tonight.” – Director Dr. Gary Gilliland, The Fred Hutch.

The signature annual fundraising event for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the 2017 Hutch Holiday Gala, raised more than $8.3 million for research. Over its 42-year history, the black-tie event has garnered a total of $126 million to advance Hutch science.

Interested in supporting the Fred Hutch? Check out the various ways to give.

How Do You Make a Difference?

Whether you donate your time, funds, or knowledge to an entrepreneur or charity in your backyard or across the globe — you can and will make a difference!

To learn more about Clarity Quest’s efforts, see how we give back and check our blog for more updates.

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