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Cultivate Positive Relationships with Your Customers & Clients

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No matter what type of business you run, it is impossible to achieve any quantifiable measure of success without customers. Therefore, it is critical that ample time and energy be put into to developing positive and enduring relationships with your consumer base.  With better business-to-customer relationships, your business can expand its market through valuable referrals, improve its reputation, increase its loyal consumer base, and become more successful and profitable overall. The following creative strategies are sure to get consumers to form positive perceptions of your business and lead to long lasting connections that will help your business accomplish its fiscal goals.

1. Acknowledge Loyal Consumers: As is true in any relationship, loyal partners should be acknowledged and rewarded for their continued dependability. Businesses should make loyal customers feel special in order to retain their devotion to your business as well as cultivate positive referrals from them. Simply by feeling appreciated, your loyal users will develop an even better attitude towards your company, making them more willing to continue to pay for its offerings, and tell their friends and families to do the same. To reward loyalty, send out hand-written letters to your best customers signed by the CEO to thank them for their continued business. You can do these easily and affordably with an online app called “Thankster”. Furthermore, send and email personalized birthday and holiday cards to make important customers feel valued. Also implement a customer loyalty program by sending out special discounts and coupons to consumers after a certain amount of money has been spent, and give better deals with their continued business. If your business has a larger budget, consider hosting a special reception for your top customers where they can meet company employees, mingle with other best consumers, and enjoy free food and drinks.

2. Get to Know Locals: Getting to know your local target market on a personal level can have a huge impact on your consumer base. Sign up to have a booth in a trade show to have the opportunity to speak with potential consumers face-to-face and expand your existing market. Attend local business events.  In Michigan, there’s Automation Alley and Velocity’s upcoming Morning Member Mingle or LA2M’s weekly lunch series. Networking receptions such as these provide the perfect opportunity for you to get to know potential or existing consumers and will help them form a positive attitude about you and your company. For more local Michigan and Connecticut events check out other posts on our blog.

3. Stay on Top-of-Mind: Consumers who continually stay up-to-date on your company’s new products, services, news, and events will be less likely to switch over to a competitor.  Your company should send out a monthly newsletter featuring valuable news related to your business and industry, highlight top employees, describing new and upcoming offerings, and asking for any suggestions on how your company can best serve them. In addition to a print newsletter, send an e-newsletter on a weekly basis to consumers who sign up to receive them. Also, frequently update your company website and blog, and promote all new content on social media. This will help followers continuously think about your business and be more likely to turn to it when the need arises.


*NOTE: After asking for feedback in your company newsletter, ensure that you save and review any suggestions received, and make necessary changes to better please consumers.


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