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Finding Insights in Dark Data

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Dark DataMost companies have an astonishing amount of dark and unstructured data available to them. It is estimated that the deep web, all the content online that is not indexed by search engines, is 500 times larger than the surface web, according to Deloitte.

The field of dark analytics focuses on exploring raw information such as text documents, emails, video files, audio files, and still images. Many business leaders are beginning to practice dark analytics by evaluating their existing data for operational insights and customer patterns, rather than collecting more data.

Interpreting your organization’s hidden data can lead to more informed business decisions, according to Deloitte:

“In this age of technology-driven enlightenment, data is our competitive currency. Buried within raw information generated in mind-boggling volumes by transactional systems, social media, search engines, and countless other technologies are critical strategic, customer, and operational insights that, once illuminated by analytics, can validate or clarify assumptions, inform decision making, and help chart new paths to the future.”

View our infographic below for more trends relating to dark data, the digital universe, and the deep web:

Dark Data Trends Infographic

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