Sofia Sees’ Dinner in the Dark Fundraiser: A Great Success

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Our client Sofia Sees HopeSuccessful Fundraiser for Retinal Disease recently held their fourth annual Dinner in the Dark fundraiser in Groton, CT. This year’s fundraiser attracted the largest crowd to date. Supporters enjoyed music and a three-course meal with wonderful wine –all while blindfolded!

Clarity Quest was proud to participate in this event to support the SSH team and to further research on rare inherited retinal diseases.

Fundraiser for Inherited Retinal Diseases Makes a Huge Impact

Our President, Christine Slocumb, attended the event in her local CT community and shared her highlights:

“It was a humbling experience to eat a three-course meal in cocktail attire without sight. Waiters had to cue you when the meal was coming and tell you where your forks and glasses were. I have a new appreciation for everyone with limited sight or vision loss.”

The successful fundraiser comes on the heels of the FDA approving gene therapy for the treatment of certain retinal diseases. To learn more about this development, check out Sofia Sees’ update on IRD Treatments.

Kudos to Laura Manfre and her dedicated advisory board in continuing to push for IRD treatments.

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