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Get Organized with These 3 Apps

Untitled design (8)With so much happening in our day-to-day lives, the task of getting and staying organized can get lost in the shuffle. We have a lot to keep track of — passwords, appointments, meetings, to-do lists, ideas — and sometimes a simple day planner or calendar just doesn’t do the trick. If you’re looking for new organization solutions, try some of these.



Untitled design (6)24me

24me is a smart personal assistant. This app has a calendar, to-do list, and notes built in and fully integrated. 24me connects all your real-life duties — your bills, social networks, banks, service providers, etc. — and automatically tells you what you need to do so you can spend time on the things you really like.



Untitled design (7)


We’ve all had that panicked moment when we can’t recall an important password. LastPass safeguards your online life so you don’t have to worry about it. Some of the features include unlimited password storage, safekeeping of digital records, storing of credit card and shipping information, and password sharing. The only password you will need to remember is your master password to unlock the rest.



Untitled design (8)Pocket

When you come across something you want to view later, put it in Pocket. Pocket can hold articles, videos, and pretty much anything you want. You can save from apps like Pulse, Twitter, Flipboard, and Zite, or even directly from your browser. Pocket stores your content so you can view it later on your phone, tablet, or computer — no internet connection required.



Untitled design (9)SimpleMind

For all of you brainstormers out there, we found just the app for you. SimpleMind turns your phone, tablet, or computer into a brainstorming, idea-collecting and thought-structuring device. SimpleMind was designed to synchronize your Mind Maps across all sorts of platforms. You can access your Mind Maps anywhere, at any time.



Sometimes all it takes is the right tools to set yourself up for success. Try out some of these organizational tools and if you find them to work for you, leave your experience in the comment box below!

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