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How to handle group photography sessions during COVID-19

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Are you scratching your head over how to photograph your staff or a business group while trying to be socially and professionally responsible during Covid-19? There are issues we never had to think about before the pandemic. 

How should we photograph groups of people? Masks or no masks?

I wanted to highlight this issue, especially when considering photography for medical device, healthcare, and biotech companies. The reality is these businesses will ultimately have to interact with those in the medical field and go to healthcare facilities (while hopefully wearing a mask and following the CDC recommended list of precautions!). 

Taking group shots? Wear masks! CQ Masks

Our experts agree it’s better if you have to take a group shot where people can’t be socially distanced, to have participants wearing masks. Especially in the healthcare, biotech, and medical device fields, it shows respect towards the virology experts and that your company has a culture of safety and sensitivity.

Yes, that means you’re going to have to reshoot the shots without masks post-COVID. But during these unprecedented times we’re experiencing, it’s the cost of doing business.  

Taking headshots?  Maskless is probably fine. 

Solo person shots or headshots usually can be done at a safe distance, so it’s okay to forgo the masks for these photos.   

From a legal perspective, a cultural sensitivity perspective, and, arguably most importantly, from a health perspective, there should be masks on every person in a group photo if there is no way to socially distance six feet.  

Cait Greeley

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