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How to incentivize clients to become brand ambassadors

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In the dynamic and highly competitive world of B2B healthcare technology marketing, creating a strong brand identity is key to long-term success and helps you stand out from the crowd.

One strategy to accomplish this is building a team of brand ambassadors to spread awareness and build your brand’s credibility. While ambassadors and influencers are wildly popular in the B2C sphere, it’s also gaining traction in the B2B world.

But how do you build a team of loyal, genuine people who are knowledgeable about your brand?

Making the leap from client to ambassador

Consider these four tips to help your clients make the leap from merely a client to a brand ambassador.

1. Establish and nurture strong relationships

The unofficial first step in incentivizing clients to become brand ambassadors is consistently delivering value and cultivating strong relationships with your clients. I say unofficial because you should already be doing this, but without this solid foundation, your ambassador program won’t take off.

Understanding your clients’ pain points, goals, and challenges through regular communication and using that information to provide exceptional value and services creates a sense of partnership and loyalty. Loyal, happy partners are the perfect candidates for an ambassador program!

However, it is important to note that not all clients are ideal candidates for becoming brand ambassadors. Identify clients who are not only loyal partners but those who are willing to be vocal about their positive experiences.

2. Make an offer

So, how do you get clients to make the jump from client to ambassadors?

One of the most enticing ways to incentivize clients to become brand ambassadors for your B2B company is by offering them rewards and benefits to recognize their efforts and contributions.

Here are some examples:

  • Grant your brand ambassadors access to exclusive resources, such as early product releases, beta testing opportunities, or sneak peeks into upcoming features.
  • Swag! Who doesn’t love a bit of swag? Send your ambassadors custom-branded merchandise such as clothing, mugs, stickers, or something specifically related to your product or services.
  • While discounts and promotions may be more relevant for B2C audiences, if applicable, offer them to your ambassadors as a thank-you if they make a referral.

3. Boost their brand, too

Show your ambassadors that you genuinely care about their business and successes by publicly acknowledging them through social media, newsletters, or your company website.

Perhaps your ambassador has an exciting new partnership—post the press release to your social media congratulating them! These actions encourage their ongoing loyalty and goodwill toward your brand.

4. Listen to them

Show your ambassadors that you value their opinions and expertise by involving them in collaborative projects like guest blog posts, video interviews, or co-hosting webinars.

Another way to accomplish this is by actively seeking their feedback. Implement their suggestions when feasible to demonstrate that their input directly impacts your company’s decisions.

Build a solid foundation for your brand to stand on

A thoughtfully developed brand strategy not only informs your ambassador program but also guides all your business decisions—ensuring consistency, reliability, and a compelling narrative.

As you build your team of brand ambassadors, remember that it’s all fueled by the strategic choices you make. Build a brand that resonates, and the advocates will follow.

Rayna Southart

Author Rayna Southart

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