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3 Steps to Kickstart Your Social Media Listening Strategy

By December 18, 2018April 5th, 2019No Comments

social media listeningSocial marketing presents many opportunities to converse, engage, follow, like, and more.

Have you considered using social to actively listen to your prospects? We actively listen for customer service questions and woes. Why not use social to listen and monitor for business development?

What if you could use social to identify what your prospects and targeted customers are doing online? What industry groups they are engaging with? What issues they’re talking about? Their pain points? Identify industry influencers? Brand advocates?

Social media listening or even monitoring, as it is sometimes referred, allows you to specifically observe what your prospects, targeted customers, or influencers are saying and doing online.

Here are three ways to get started with social media listening.

1. Set a plan with measurable goals. 

We always suggest creating a framework from which to measure your success, goals, and to keep you on track. First, define what you want to monitor. Here are some ideas – product or industry pain points, industry group interests, and more.

Next, outline the folks you wish to monitor. Think about targeting by region, account, job title, or vertical. Many listening tools will allow you to refine a list with multiple search terms.

2. Collect brand insights.

The options are unlimited when it comes to monitoring a competitor or a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) target. Learn what your competitors are saying, who they are talking to and even what your targets are saying about your competitors.

With social monitoring, you can cast a wide net to learn this competitive intel. Peers like to engage and share thoughts on their experiences, so use this information to build an action plan for your organization.

3. Find advocates and influencers.

Trying to identify thought leaders in your vertical? Or, is your thought leader trying to gain traction in the industry? A targeted social monitoring search will outline those thought leaders and industry advocates you should follow.

Learn more about them and their interests holistically without needing to follow each of these advocates individually.

You are now prepared to configure a social monitoring tool to start working for you.


Social Media Listening Tools


Which tools are best for you? PC Mag compiled a useful list of The Best Social Listening and Influencer Identification Tools of 2018. There is a tool for every budget and need.

Ready to get started with a social media listening strategy?

We hear you, and are ready to help!


Marla Sokolowski

Author Marla Sokolowski

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