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Is Your Trade Show Rescue Box Packed?

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With several HIMSS conferences under our belts, we know the items you can’t live without on the show floor. From comfort items to repair tools, you’ll be thankful you stocked up before you left!

Be prepared for anything that could happen in your booth by packing your own trade show rescue box.

The Basic Box

Office Supplies: Pens (multiple, different colors), highlighters, Sharpies™, small notebooks, sticky notes, index cards, small stapler, staples, rubber bands, Krazy-Glue™, duct tape, clear packing tape, generic business cards (in case someone runs out)

Tools: Scissors, all-in-one tool (screwdriver, can opener, etc.), pliers, box cutter

Electronics: Extension cords, universal converter charger and wall plug, universal cell phone charging cables

Health: First aid kit, generic medicines, breath mints, gum, dental floss, cough drops, tissues, hydration powder packs (we like Drip Drop™ or Vega Sport™ hydrator), disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer

Miscellaneous: Large trash bags, Ziploc™ bags, paper towels

The Deluxe Box

Everything in the Basic Box plus:

Office Supplies: Paper clips, mechanical pencils, various sized envelopes, stamps, address labels, Wite Out™

Tools: Zip-ties

Electronics: USB compatible thumb drive with original collateral PDFs (in case you run out of hard copies)

Health: Eye drops, spare contact case and solution, tweezers, lip balm, reader glasses, hand lotion, feminine hygiene items

Miscellaneous: Non-perishable energy bars, 5-Hour Energy™, two pairs of nice flip flops (size 7 and 9), small umbrella, compact mirror, mini sewing kit with safety pins, small bills and change for vending machines, contact phone numbers for all both personnel and booth hardware vendor

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