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Juggling a website redesign? 5 pro tips you may have overlooked

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Launching a new website is hard work. 

Juggling the technical requirements with writing search-friendly copy, designing a compelling user experience, and optimizing your lead generation strategy can make you feel like all your balls are in the air. 

juggling web redesignWith an award-winning website and nearly 20 years of experience, here are five advanced tips to keep in mind when embarking on your next website redesign. 

5 advanced tips to make your website redesign a success

  • Start with a stylescape. Have a defined look and feel before you start the heavy lifting, and make sure your leadership team and other internal stakeholders are on board. This will give your site a uniform look and help streamline the design process. 
  • Know who the target audience is for each page. You’re not designing website pages just for the sake of it. Each page should have a specific message for your target audience and don’t forget, you have different personas.
  • Keep the SEO keyphrases you want to rank for top of mind. When writing new website copy, don’t lose sight of the keywords for which you want to rank. Keep a spreadsheet to track the keywords and their corresponding pages. Check out our tips for writing effective SEO copy
  • Make your headlines count (and don’t forget subheads). Speaking of SEO, your headlines and subheads have a significant influence on your search engine rankings. 
  • Have a marketing automation strategy going into your website redesign project. Lead generation is a top priority for most B2B marketers. However, if all your content is gated behind a form, you’re likely to drive away prospects. You should have a clear idea of what content is worth gating and balance that with valuable and educational information users can access without barriers. You also want to make it as easy as possible for people to subscribe to receive future emails. 


Bonus tip: Launching your website isn’t the end. Without a content development and traffic-driving strategy in place, your target audience is unlikely to land on your website. 

Is your web presence ready for the big top? 

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