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Manage Projects with Todoist

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Millions of individuals use Todoist to accomplish tasks and work towards personal and professional goals. Todoist offers apps and extensions for over 15 platforms, ensuring users can access their information anywhere. This tool works both online and offline and is offered in a free version or a premium version, which is $28.99 per year, (about $0.08 per day).

Todist allows users to:

  • Break large projects into small subtasks
  • Share and collaborate with peers
  • Delegate tasks to other employees
  • Receive notifications for upcoming due dates
  • Easily schedule future due dates
  • Create reoccurring task dates

The premium version allows users to:

  • Add project details with task comments
  • Receive email, SMS, or push notification reminders
  • Receive location-based alerts
  • Attach documents, spreadsheets, and pictures
  • Add task labels for increased organization
  • Create custom filters
  • Export tasks into external calendar apps
  • Use project templates for time-saving
  • Track productivity and progress

On the right, you can view a sample Todoist list. Try Todoist today and begin working towards your goals for the new year!

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