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Shake Up Your Trade Show Marketing in 2016

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Believe it or not, 2016 is here. And with the new year brings a new cycle of trade shows, events, and conferences. Many healthcare and technology companies find themselves attending the same events year after year, which is great! Whether you’ve found the shows that attract your target audience in droves or the ones that provide a particular niche of prospects, it’s a great idea to establish an annual presence at these events.

Refresh Your Trade Show Marketing Efforts

When exhibitors attend the same shows year over year, however, they run the risk of complacency and stale marketing campaigns. They take the same worn out booth to the same floor space and hand out the same chotskies and brochures. The exhibitors get bored, and the attendees notice!

Put some excitement back into your trade show marketing!

Clarity Quest specializes in helping healthcare and technology companies create strategic trade show marketing campaigns. Trade shows are a big investment – and a HUGE opportunity for lead generation – for any exhibiting company. Put your best foot forward at your 2016 trade shows to boost your sales and revenue.

Looking for ways to refresh your trade show marketing in 2016? Try these six ideas:

  1. Shake things up with a new trade show booth design. Your booth will stand out and draw attention on its own.
  2. Come up with a catchy theme. Our disruptive “Unlock. Unleash. UnPAC.” tagline created for Mach7 Technologies drew attention at RSNA 2013 for its clever knock on market-leading PACS imaging technologies.
  3. Submit a proposal to speak at your next trade show. Presenting is a great way to show thought leadership and to get out of your booth and in front of more people. Don’t procrastinate! Many calls for proposals close several months in advance of the event.
  4. Think outside the box for your giveaways. Attendees can only collect so many ink pens. One year we gave away customized build your own Lego figures to go along with our “Build Your Own Enterprise Imaging Platform” messaging.
  5. Run a contest with an awesome prize. Because who wouldn’t want to fly over Chicago in a helicopter?
  6. Try public relations at your next event. PR is an excellent way to tell your story to the media, draw booth traffic, and build relationships. Download our white paper to learn more about successful trade show pubic relations before, during, and after the event. 

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