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Outsource marketing excels as RMI snags Honorable Mention for best COVID pivot at 2021 Medigy HITMC awards

By June 2, 2021No Comments

It is complex to transition from an in-house marketing team to a fully outsourced model in a normal year.  But in the midst of a pandemic?

We became Remote Medical International’s (RMI) remote, outsource marketing agency the week the first case was reported in Kirkland, WA. Ironically, RMI is in Seattle.

But the RMI and Clarity Quest teams did not let COVID-19 daunt us. Instead, we:

  • Created a marketing strategy and budget in a mere month and assembled a messaging, content, public relations, and digital marketing team.
  • Promoted and secured qualified leads for new COVID-related screening, testing, and consulting services.
  • Launched COVID services into entertainment and agriculture which were entirely new verticals for the company.
  • Designed a new website that enhanced search engine rankings and removed obsolete e-commerce modules.

We were one of the first companies with approved Google Ads promoting COVID-19 testing and screening for business.

“Having the ability to stay adaptable in the midst of a global crisis shouldn’t be taken lightly. RMI saw the growing need for prompt health and safety responses tothe pandemic and acted swiftly. We’re proud to be partnered with them. ” says David Gomez, Senior Marketing Consultant.

We were honored with an honorable mention at the 2021 Medigy HITMC awards for best COVID pivot. This special award recognizes outstanding achievement by an organization that had to shift its business, operations and/or marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rayna Southart

Author Rayna Southart

Rayna is a skilled and creative Content Marketing Manager at Clarity Quest. When she's not crafting killer content, you can find her devouring podcasts and good books. To learn more about Rayna's experiences and qualifications, visit our leadership team page.

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