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Why SEO is important for medical device companies

By November 30, 2021February 16th, 2022No Comments

If you had not considered the importance of search engine optimization previously or had it as a critical element of your marketing efforts, now is the time.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients and customers are actively searching for and engaging with medical device brands and products. This changing behavior stresses the importance of having an SEO strategy and ensuring it is part of your overall marketing plan.

In their Ultimate SEO Guide in 2021, HubSpot reported on insights that reveal the power and importance of SEO, including:

  • 18% more shoppers choose Google over Amazon.
  • 136% more shoppers prefer the search engine to other retail websites.
  • On the B2B side, buyers conduct up to 12 searches, on average, before engaging with a brand.

An investment in SEO is a lot like an investment in branding—it takes time, but it’s worth it. In the end, a solid SEO strategy will yield your company, brand, and/or product significant dividends.

A robust search engine optimization strategy helps companies:

Increase Site Traffic

A primary goal of search engine optimization is to make your site more visible in organic search results, thus driving more (and usually high-quality) website visitors.

Attract the Right Audience

Every image, feature, tool, design element, and piece of content should be built to appeal to your audience.

Enhance User Experience

When customers have a great experience, they tend to engage, buy more, return for additional information, or tell friends and associates.

Cultivate Increased User Interaction

When customers stay on your website longer, you gain additional opportunities to demonstrate the value of your company, brand(s), or product(s).

Strengthen Ad Performance

Paid advertising is an important part of any marketing strategy and though SEO doesn’t replace paid advertising, a lack of it can increase ad costs.

Since most customer journeys start on the internet, investing in SEO and implementing a solid strategy will only help your business grow.

Ready to make SEO work hard for you? We’re here to be a resource for you!

Whether you want a second opinion on your marketing strategy, need help with expanding your online footprint, or you’re looking to bring in a medical device marketing agency for a website development project, we can help.

Contact us to schedule an initial call.

Brian Shilling

Author Brian Shilling

Brian is our Executive Vice President of Client Operations with experience leading diverse teams of marketers and designers in strategic marketing, content creation, and crafting comprehensive messaging and positioning platforms for our healthcare and tech clients. To learn more about Brian's experiences and qualifications, visit our leadership team page.

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