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Symplur & the Healthcare Hashtag Project

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Symplur brings together social media analytics and healthcare data points to help users understand trending healthcare topics and sentiments on social media. Sophisticated analytics and language processing bring you insights from influencers, stakeholders, journalists, researchers, policy makers, and communities around the world.

Use Symplur’s analytics and insights to discover trends over time and identify opportunities both in the U.S. and abroad.

Healthcare Hashtag Project

In an effort to simplify and organize the vast amount of healthcare-related Twitter hashtags in use today, the Healthcare Hashtag Project groups the most popular healthcare hashtags by conference, subject matter, frequency of use, and most frequent users and even shows the most popular influencers for each hashtag.

The Healthcare Hashtag Project aims to consolidate and standardize the wide range of hashtags being used to categorize the same or similar subjects on Twitter. Symplur has created a great resource for discovering new and trending healthcare hashtags and social influencers.

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