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7 Marketing Myths Debunked

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Many businesses neglect to value marketing as an important business function. Marketing strategy and budgeting can help a business meet timelines, promote organizational unity, and achieve company-wide objectives and goals.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Chris Slocumb detailed some commonly encountered misconceptions about marketing, including these myths:

  1. Marketing strategic planning is just a waste of time; businesses don’t need a marketing plan.
  2. You can put together a marketing budget independently, without input from leadership and finance departments.
  3. With a solid marketing plan, you should be able to guarantee every campaign will have a positive ROI.
  4. You can accurately and easily measure ROI for all marketing campaigns.
  5. Social marketing is an essential marketing channel for any business.
  6. Public relations is a crucial marketing channel for any business.
  7. You need to have a large, flashy booth at national trade shows each year in order to attract new business and keep up with competitors.

Read the full LinkedIn post to learn how to counter these misconceptions!

Brian Shilling

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