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HIMSS18 Preparation: What’s Your Theme?

Untitled design (14)Can you believe it’s already been one month since HIMSS17? As fast as that first month flew by, the next 11 will too and before you know it, we will be right back at HIMSS18 in Las Vegas!

Don’t let the planning for HIMSS18 slip too long. One year seems like a long time to plan an event, but if you’ve ever been part of a full-scale HIMSS preparation, you know there is a lot to cover. Between booth design and selection, branding updates, collateral creation, booth draw campaigns, advertising, social campaigns, giveaways, and many other logistics, the checklist is long.

Don’t panic. Our healthcare IT marketing experts can help get you started with a strategic HIMSS marketing plan and campaign execution.

Wondering Where to Start?

Before diving into tactics (booth design, collateral creation, etc.) we strongly recommend putting some thought into your theme. So what goes into a theme?

  • Consider where your company is today and where you want to go in the next 3–5 years. How will you get there?
  • Are you launching new products or services at HIMSS?
  • Will you have new branding elements?

Choose the top 1–2 things you want to focus on and stick to it. If you can, boil everything down into a theme, possibly supported by a catchy, not general, tagline. People who walk up to your booth should be able to understand exactly what you’re pitching just by looking at your visual elements. If they can’t, you’ve probably already lost them.

Be sure everything you create follows along with the overall theme. Sales pitches, videos, handouts, giveaways, and advertising should all align with the theme to help booth visitors, press and prospects “get” your company’s focus and vision.

Need HIMSS Marketing Help?

Contact our healthcare marketing agency online or call 877-887-7611 for trade show and event marketing support.

Learn more about HIMSS18 planning here, including key booth selection information and pricing.

About the Author:

Brian Shilling
Brian is a Branding & Digital Marketing Director with experience leading diverse teams of marketers and designers in strategic marketing, content creation, and crafting comprehensive messaging and positioning platforms for our healthcare and tech clients. To learn more about Brian's experiences and qualifications, visit our Meet Our Executive Team page.

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