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Want to create a magnetic brand? Live out your promises

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Marketers often call what differentiates a company “unique value propositions.” I dislike this term because a) ”unique” is an oxymoron because it’s such a ubiquitous word, and b) “propositions” don’t convey decisiveness. When you “propose” something, you don’t know the answer. You are throwing a question or idea out and seeing what comes back.

I prefer the term “brand promise” because it conveys a commitment to a company’s core strength.

What are brand promises?
Brand promises externally communicate how your company singularly provides measurable, important deliverables to your customers. They are not your company’s internal cultural values, such as “integrity” or “patience.”

Brand promises should be the bedrock of your messaging
Companies poised for growth KNOW who they are and how they differ from their competitors. They act, market, and sell according to the guardrails the pillars define.

Creating brand promises starts with HOW
I love Simon Sinek’s messaging methodology Starting with Why, and not just for the WHY. The HOW statements are equally important because they are your differentiators.

In their best-selling book, Finding Your Why, Sinek and his co-authors define the HOWs as thematic strengths expressed as action phrases. For example:

  • To invest
  • To lift
  • To automate
  • To improve

By adding a bit more detail around your product or service offering, these action phrases become brand promises.

Example brand promises

Healthcare venture capitalist in the Midwest
Action HOW: To invest
Brand promise: We invest in portfolio companies outside of the “coasts” that are diverse in thought, geography, and demographics.

Revenue cycle management software company
Action HOW: To lift
Brand promise: We lift healthcare practice revenues 5-15% on day one by lowering costs and mining RCM efficiencies.

Enterprise imaging company
Action HOW: To automate
Brand promise: We automate imaging data processes, making them infinitely flexible and scalable.

Infection control software company
Action HOW: To improve
Brand promise: We improve infection control with compliance validation systems tracking curtain exchange.

Where to use your brand promises
Every member of your team should be able to rattle off the company’s key differentiators. Include brand promises in your sales presentations, marketing campaigns, and website copy.

When prospects ask, “What’s your secret sauce?” you will know exactly how to answer the question with your brand promises.

Case studies: Client brand promise success stories

Defining and thoroughly understanding brand promises is the first thing we do when we become a client’s outsource marketing department or content partner.

Case study #1: ICQ Consultants
ICQ proactively solves complex commissioning, qualification, and validation challenges in pharmaceutical manufacturing. We honed their brand promises (and tagline) to tell a more straightforward story. The result? Increased revenue and valuation, plus a more robust sales pipeline when marketing into pharma.

Case study #2: Previon
A print communications company turned healthcare software firm enlisted Clarity Quest to bring its new brand to life with a vibrant look, feel, and messaging. A brand promise of “closing care gaps” became central to the company’s external messaging.

Case study #3: RevSpring
Revenue cycle management company RevSpring needed to consolidate its brand promises after acquiring five companies selling to different parts of the healthcare ecosystem. Once created, the new brand pillars helped sales differentiate RevSpring from the competition and all annual sales goals were met.

Struggling to stand out?

Our branding experts can help you define your WHY and brand promises so you can fill your funnel and win more deals.

Contact us today.

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Author Chris Slocumb

Chris is the founder of Clarity Quest Marketing and Chief Growth Officer of Supreme Group. To learn more about Chris' experiences and qualifications, visit our leadership team page.

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