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Marathon or sprint, SEO leads to lasting revenue and lead generation for life sciences companies

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We consistently recommend search engine optimization to our clients (and to anyone who will listen—sorry random person in the grocery store checkout line) because it works.

It’s something we practice religiously for our agency as it brings in 70% of our leads. 

We’ve been executing digital marketing campaigns and search engine optimization for life sciences and biotechnology clients since 2001.  

A lot has changed in the SEO game since we started in its infancy (remember paid directories, the rise and fall of Google+ authorship, and the unwelcome (not provided) in Google Analytics?). Yet, much has remained the same (focus on high-quality backlinks, expert content, and domain authority). 

Let’s look at a few cases where we’ve succeeded with SEO for our life sciences and biotechnology clients. 

Life sciences SEO success

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.” We say this, too, sometimes ad nauseam. But it’s true and bears repeating. 

Starting SEO today is not going to yield results today. SEO takes skill, focus, and patience. Those who possess this trilogy will benefit the most. Just ask some of our life sciences clients.

Astarte Biologics (now Cellero) earns massive traffic and revenue from organic search

When Astarte first signed on with Clarity Quest in 2014, they bought into the long-game of SEO. And boy are we glad they did. 

With an e-commerce website comes SEO challenges, but also incredible opportunities. By focusing on technical SEO components and building awesome content for niche key phrases, we earned Astarte on average over 13,000 website visits from organic search per month—an increase of more than 600%. SEO was a major factor in attributing over 60% of Astarte’s revenue to our marketing programs. 

Our strategy for Astarte was a two-pronged approach: Compete for high-visibility, short-tail key phrases and build niche content for long-tail key phrases

Examples of high-visibility terms:

  • Immune cell products: Google organic rank #1
  • Antigen-specific T cells: #1
  • Purchase human cells: #1
  • Buy human immune cells: #2

Owning a Featured Snippet elevates your content to the top of the search results and drives traffic to your website, like this example of an evergreen blog post we wrote for Astarte (Cellero):

Difference b/w serum and plasma

Intersect ENT targets physicians and patients on Google

We launched a new website for Intersect ENT in 2016 to better position their medical device for sale to healthcare providers. Over the course of our engagement, we earned Intersect ENT #1 Google search engine rankings for 12 of their top 15 key phrase targets, propelling them above hard-to-beat .edu and .gov websites for phrases like:

  • Dissolvable sinus implant
  • Sinus drug delivery stent
  • Frontal sinus stent
  • Post-surgical sinus drug delivery

dissolvable sinus stent

After the initial success of our SEO program on their main website, Intersect ENT tasked us with improving the online visibility of their patient-facing website. We took the educational site from obscurity to page 1 for high-traffic, relevant patient search terms like:

  • Sinus surgery
  • Sinus surgery options
  • Sinusitis surgery
  • Chronic sinus infection
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Chronic sinusitis surgery
  • Sinusitis treatment options

Jeff Quon

SEO has quick wins, too

While the big SEO payoff comes to the marathon runners, the short-track sprinters can earn their share of the prize money, too. Just ask our client ICQ Consultants, a provider of commissioning, qualification, and validation services to biopharma manufacturers.

Although there wasn’t room for a full-scale SEO program in year 1, we did an accelerated key phrase research and website optimization project to solidify ICQ’s SEO foundation. 

With the foundation work alone, we increased ICQ’s rankings for several important terms in just one week:

  • Biopharma commissioning consultants: #1
  • Commissioning and qualification consultants: #1
  • Pharmaceutical qualification consultants: #1
  • Life sciences commissioning: #2
  • Life sciences qualification services: #4
  • CQV staff augmentation: #4

biopharma commissioning consultants

Another sprinter we helped was Psychē Systems, a laboratory information systems company. We got Psychē out of a web development jam and in the process boosted their organic rankings with intelligent key phrase research and optimization.

After launching their new website in less than two months, Clarity Quest improved Psychē’s organic search rankings for 90% of their target key phrases, many appearing at the top of page one:

  • Culture accessioning software: #1
  • LIS for culture diagnosis: #1
  • Molecular information management systems: #1
  • LIS for startup labs: #1
  • Enterprise laboratory information systems: #2

culture accessioning softwareIn the first two months after launch, Psychē’s website traffic increased by 76%.

Which race are you ready to run?

If you’re laced up for the full 26.2, we’re here to support you with technical SEO expertise, strategic content marketing, and integrated digital marketing. 

Not quite ready for the long-haul? SEO sprinters should still work on their endurance, but it doesn’t hurt to get a strong jump off the starting blocks.

Chat with us about SEO any time (we love to!)

Brian Shilling

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