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Clarity Quest creates new website to grow lab information systems company's lead generation

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Key points

  • Clarity Quest prioritized Psychē’s website information architecture and user interface based on their top sales and lead generation goals. This included reorganizing their educational content and resources to be easier to find and browse.
  • The new website is optimized to appear in search engine results, and educational resources are easier to find.
  • After optimizing and launching the new site, Clarity Quest improved Psychē’s organic search rankings for 90% of their target key phrases, many appearing at the top of page one.
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psyche website icon
psyche website icon

Psychē Systems delivers a robust portfolio of specialty laboratory information systems (LIS) to help medical laboratories successfully optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Psychē needed a modern website to showcase their expertise and attract medical labs looking for their products.

From kickoff to launch in under two months

Psychē decided to hire us given our experience in biotech and laboratory systems marketing.

In less than two months, Clarity Quest modernized and optimized Psychē’s website to become the sales and marketing asset they needed. Our strategic approach to tackling technical issues, optimizing website architecture, and enhancing the user experience is designed to produce long-lasting results.

In the first two months after launch, Psyche’s website traffic increased by 76%.

Easier user navigation

Sales and marketing alignment was the top priority for Clarity Quest’s website architects. We positioned Psychē’s new and popular products front and center for better visibility and simplified the path for users to access critical information about Psychē’s solutions.

We also implemented live chat with AI to give customers and prospects a convenient way to get in touch with Psychē and alleviate the sales team of answering low-priority questions.

The website looks beautiful and was relaunched fast, but the “why” behind the design was methodically crafted. Every decision came back to business goals, sales goals, and marketing and sales alignment. The website was the key to bringing it all together.

LIS tool design

Making lab system configuration easy

We designed and developed an online lab system selection tool that differentiates Psychē Systems in a crowded market. Visitors answer a series of questions that determine the ideal LIS configuration offered by Psychē Systems. The tool is configured to sync with HubSpot.

Kyle Anderson

"You guys are mad men! I can't believe how great everything looks. Kudos to the CQ team, who delivered like rockstars to launch our site in record time. Hail! Hail! to Clarity Quest, the leaders and best!"

Kyle Anderson, VP Sales & Business Development | Psychē Systems

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