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Two thirds of all B2B companies are completely or partially outsourcing their marketing department – here’s why

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Twenty years ago CEOs viewed outsourcing their marketing department as insane. In the Bay Area and in Seattle, where I started Clarity Quest, outsource marketing was gaining traction, but it was still a bold concept.  

Today, we get inquiries from multiple companies a month that want to completely outsource their marketing function.

Why the change? 

The top reasons why outsource marketing has skyrocketed

Marketing requires specialized expertise

If you’ve ever been stumped by LinkedIn campaign manager or perplexed why Google rejected your ad copy, you’ve experienced the need for specialization first-hand. Effective marketing requires specific strategic, tech, content, design, and analytics expertise.  Throw in public relations, and that’s another required universe of particular skill sets.

Can you afford to staff all of that marketing expertise internally?  Most SMB companies cannot.  

Average Marketing Compensation   
Average Annual Salary*Average Benefits Costs**Total Compensation
Chief Marketing Officer$205,530$95,392.40$300,922.40
Content Marketing Manager$65,003$30,169.77$95,172.77
Marketing Technology Manager$93,512$43,401.62$136,913.62
Marketing Director/Strategist$83,840$38,912.56$122,752.56
Marketing Analyst $53,749$24,946.46$78,695.46
Graphic Designer$43,025$19,969.14$62,994.14
Digital Marketing Manager$64,311$29,848.59$94,159.59
Total for Team of Specialists $608,970$282,640.54$891,610.54

Source: *Payscale December 2018 **Bureau of Labor Statistics 2018

It’s tough to find quality candidates

Marketing specialists tend to come at a higher price than generalists and are tough to hire post-pandemic. Once onboarded, they are constantly being approached by recruiters.  One of our clients, Remote Medical International in Seattle was losing marketing leaders and specialists to Amazon and Microsoft.  They decided it was easier to have an agency provide a turn-key experience than staff marketing in-house.  

The benefit?  They saw a better performance by outsourcing. 

RMI’s COO Paul Budak says “Compared to our previous internal efforts, our Clarity Quest outsource team really filled the funnel with a higher ROI than anyone expected.”

Pulling in a steady stream of leads requires regular fine-tuning.

Marketing needs change over time

As your company grows and market conditions change, strategy and campaign execution requirements evolve. Even over the course of just a year, it’s difficult to predict exactly what skills you’ll need.  

A full-service agency that has a wide range of expertise under one roof can flex with your company as you grow or even merge with another company. 

Is outsourcing right for you?

To evaluate whether outsourcing is the right option, download our white paper “Is Outsource Marketing Right for Your Company”? 

Chris Slocumb

Author Chris Slocumb

Chris is the founder and president of Clarity Quest Marketing, where she has the best job on the planet leading a talented group of marketers helping healthcare and technology companies grow revenues and visibility. To learn more about Chris' experiences and qualifications, visit our leadership team page.

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