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Marketing Strategy

Uncovering the many flavors of client’s wants and needs

By November 12, 2021No Comments

Most of us love ice cream. And, while the most popular flavor according to Travel and Leisure is vanilla, there are plenty of us who prefer the plethora of unique flavors out there, as Baskin-Robbins realized decades ago.

Where am I going with this?

Ask yourself: Does your outsource marketing agency *regularly* ask you the right questions that uncover your individual and organization’s wants and needs? Or are you just another client following the same vanilla healthcare marketing services recipe?

At Clarity Quest, we understand and regularly ask curious and compassionate questions to uncover and discover your wants and needs. By actively listening to your answers, we incorporate them into our everyday work on your account.

Here are some of our staff favorites:

1. What is the organizational patience around “X” marketing initiatives?
2. How important does the C-suite think marketing is to the success of the organization?
3. Are your people in roles in which they can deliver but still stretch to learn and grow?
4. Who will be involved in the marketing strategy initiative, and what is the makeup of the marketing team?
5. Describe the alignment of sales and marketing?
6. How visual is your team?
7. Which brand archetype do you most identify?
8. What obstacles are holding you back?

The outcome has proven successful. After 20 years in business, repeat clients who stay with us on retainer for 3-5 years have seen that uncovering and discovering their individual and organization’s wants and needs:

  • Gives them an outlet to express their satisfaction.
  • Allows for pivoting as their business evolves.
  • Leads to longer-term partnerships and more integrated relationships.

Are you ready for a bold new flavor of marketing?

We can’t wait to meet you.

Lindsay Groth

Author Lindsay Groth

Lindsay Groth was an Account Director at Clarity Quest from 2020-2023. She spent 15 years as an in-house marketing leader before joining the agency world.

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