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What to do about the new Google Ads Destination Requirements

By September 6, 2022No Comments

Any Google policy update that lands in your inbox can be cause for concern. Especially when the email includes, “Our records show that this policy change may affect your account.”


Many advertisers had a similar shared experience when Google recently announced its new Destination Requirements Policy.


So what is Google’s Destination Requirements Policy?

You can read the policy in full here, but here are the highlights.

Any webpage used as an ad destination page should NOT:

  • Have difficult or frustrating navigation, including intrusive pop-ups
  • Initiate a direct download
  • Contain abusive experiences
  • Have little or no original content, including content originating from other sources
  • Serve as doorways, gateways, or bridges to other pages
  • Be “under construction”
  • Be on a different domain than suggested in the ad’s display URL
  • Redirect to another URL
  • Serve an error code
  • Be inaccessible to target locations
  • Restrict Google crawlability 
  • Violate app or web store policies


Fortunately, you can check the Ad Experience Report to see if your site has any features that will annoy users. 

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