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7 best digital health podcasts for marketers

By September 1, 2022October 21st, 2022No Comments

Not enough time in the day to read all the tabs open in your browser? Podcasts are the ideal way to deep-dive into fresh ideas and avoid checking those must-read articles that are Tl;dr anyway.

It’s essential that great health tech and life sciences marketers have a pulse on the trends and topics being talked about.

Without further ado, here are my go-tos:

    1. HIT Like a Girl Hear from the leading ladies in health tech about timely trends and issues that may or may not be on your radar. You may even get a few good book recommendations and stellar career advice from women who’ve made it.
    2. Healthcare de Jure Looking for a fresh take on healthcare from a legal perspective? Carium’s General Counsel Matt Fisher talks to a wide range of people from physicians to CEOs from across the health tech landscape. It’s more fun than I make it sound, I swear!
    3. Healthcare IT Today If you’re working in the digital health space and aren’t keeping up with what John Lynn and Colin Hung have to say, what are you even doing?
    4. MedTech Talk Eager to learn more about the medical innovations and tools coming to market? There’s so much more to the med tech industry than IPOs and dollars raised.
    5. Medical Marketing and Media (MM+M) Podcast Billed as healthcare marketing writ large, this podcast looks at pharma, biotech, and med tech with an eye on commercializing brands and the agencies who help them.
    6. Ted Health Who doesn’t love a good Ted Talk? Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider curates talks from around the globe about rethinking how we can live healthier lives.
    7. The Health Disparities Podcast There’s a lot of talk about health disparities, but what’s being done about it? This is the ideal podcast for those looking to expand their understanding of how the social determinants of health (SDOH) impact outcomes.

Did I miss one of your go-to podcasts? Hit me up on Twitter @social_melanie to let me know your faves.

How to leverage podcasts for your healthcare brand

Podcasts have the potential to drive real business value.

According to HubSpot’s State of Content Marketing in 2022, marketers plan to increase their investment in podcasts as part of their larger content marketing strategies.

That’s no surprise considering 60% of podcast listeners search for a product after hearing about it on a podcast. Here are some other eye-opening stats about podcasts marketers should take into consideration.

Not sure how to get started? Our healthcare marketing agency can help incorporate podcasts into your content marketing strategy and even help you launch your own branded podcast.

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