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You’re in The New York Times, now what?

By July 6, 2023October 26th, 2023No Comments

Landing the placement is only the first step. It’s what you do with the hit that matters. Learn how to leverage press coverage to its fullest potential.

In a recent blog, our Executive Director of Public Relations, Josie Zohny, shared insights on the tips and tricks to craft a compelling pitch that can help your health technology public relations efforts. The road to a top-tier placement can be long, and securing the story is cause for celebration, but the work has just begun.

Andy Warhol once said that in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. In an era of social media, viral videos and a 24-hour news cycle, his quote is accurate now more than ever. With countless publications and outlets putting out content at every moment, your story must stand out from all the others vying for readers’ attention worldwide. That’s why, in the world of publicity, what you do with that moment in the spotlight matters.

Before you launch into your promotion plan, think about who you’re trying to get in front of and how they get their news. Is your audience receptive to email newsletters or do they prefer LinkedIn content? These questions can help you decide which mediums are worth your time and money and how to leverage press coverage effectively.

Owned channels

Once the article is live, don’t hide it, share it. Leverage your company and individual accounts on social media to post and provide commentary on what your message is and why it should matter. Bonus points if you tag the reporter and media outlet.

Just like a newsroom, your goal is to get eyes on the content and have a meaningful message that resonates. While the content should further your credibility and expertise, it should also help readers or expose them to new ideas. Don’t get bogged down in advertising the article. Instead, promote a compelling narrative that inspires your audience to read the story and learn more. Language that works in ads isn’t always as successful in organic posts, so keep that in mind when drafting social copy.

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In health technology public relations, there’s no shame in a bit of self-promotion and asking your network and colleagues to read and share the latest hit. Internal and external newsletters can be a great outlet to highlight your feature. This helps broaden the article’s reach and encourages engagement with your brand.

Why stop at emails? Why not feature the news on your website through banners, landing pages and with the publication’s logo on your site? Growing your portfolio of hits on your website demonstrates your reach and credibility when users scroll through your materials. It’s a win-win for both your visitors and search engines.

The beauty of owned channels is that you decide what gets said about your message and how. Don’t have a press page? Write a blog recapping the conversation instead. Learning how to leverage press coverage on your platforms with takeaways and information that enhances your point of view will pay off in dividends.

Sharing the news is the name of the game, and sales teams can capitalize on the win and use the opportunity as a chance to reach out to warm and cold prospects effectively. From emails to printouts at conferences, it’s a great way to help your sales team and share your unique value proposition, which ultimately can lead to improvements to your business’s bottom line.

If you’re familiar with the adage ‘content is king,’ you’ll know that creating supplementary materials that drive conversions and complement your message are great ways to keep your audience engaged. From videos to blog posts, keep the conversation going and inspire action.

Putting your money where your message is

Mobilizing your resources and using ads to promote every story you’re mentioned in extensively isn’t a wise or effective strategy, especially when you’re working with a finite budget. However, putting some dollars behind your significant features that provide authority and credibility of your expertise is worth some consideration. From ads with associations and organizations to LinkedIn Ads that target and meet your audience where they are.

Marla Sokolowski, our Senior Director of Digital Marketing and digital advertising guru, recently shared her top three best practices for how to run a more successful LinkedIn Ads campaign, and it’s a must-read.

You’ve got a story and we can tell it

Learning how to leverage press coverage effectively takes patience, but the reward is worth it.

Thankfully, our clients have a team of health technology public relations experts with the contacts and insight to make the connections that drive results for your business and marketing goals. Knowing how to land a placement and get the most value from it are key to any successful media strategy. Set up a call with a member of our team to see how we can bring clarity on your quest to success.

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