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5 questions you should you ask a potential branding agency partner

By September 7, 2021October 6th, 2021No Comments

Whether you’re rebranding or building a new brand, partnering with a reliable agency to help you put your best face forward is important. Having the right branding partner will make your brand stand out.

At Clarity Quest, we pulled together the key questions you should ask when seeking a branding agency partner.

1. What digital marketing strategies does your agency implement for its own brand?

Clarity Quest started with a comprehensive SEO strategy that included researching keywords and maximizing our site optimization. Our SEO leads are off the charts in terms of quality and our rankings are very impressive. As a team we also met internally to discuss our brand messaging and determined our what, how, and why by leveraging the “Golden Circle”.

Beyond building a brand, we used digital marketing to promote it. On top of that, we keep our content fresh by updating our award-winning blog on a twice weekly basis with quality content.

2. How far can you take us in the branding process?

We get started by identifying your messaging and communicating how your product or service stands out from the competition.

We do everything — naming, logo design (or redesign) website design, collateral and ad campaigns. We are a full-service design shop guided by purposeful digital marketing strategies.

3. When is branding work most important in the life cycle of a company? 

5. How does CQ measure the success of branding?

We always establish branding goals and how we will measure them at the onset of a project (so we are all in alignment) because success looks different for every brand we build.

For some, it’s the first online presence for a new company or technology. For others, it’s a refined brand based on collected market insights and growth goals.

We always keep an eye on the future to ensure the brand can grow with the company and be leveraged effectively for lead generation, awareness building, and enhancing valuation. We monitor reputation and social media engagement, as well.

Have questions for us?

Looking for a messaging and positioning partner? Let us help you put your best brand forward.

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