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7 Ideas for Post-HIMSS Marketing Success

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After 3 days at HIMSS, you will have logged tens of thousands of steps on your Fitbit or Apple Watch, shaken hundreds of hands, and could recite your sales pitch backwards in your sleep. But you won’t be done quite yet!

Successful trade show marketing doesn’t stop after exhibitors clear out of the hall. That’s when the real work begins.

Here are 7 post-HIMSS marketing tips to ensure your trade show investment yields new leads and powerful business connections.

1. Take Notes

This is one tip you can use at the show that will help tremendously during follow up. You’ve exchanged business cards and pitches and had a good first interaction. Before moving on, take one minute to jot down some notes on the conversation you just had. When it comes time for tips 2–7, you’ll be glad you stayed organized at the show.

2. Make Social Connections

Connect with everyone you meet at HIMSS on LinkedIn (or Twitter if that’s their social network of choice). Connecting soon after your initial conversation will help you stay top of mind. Use their profile to learn more about your new connections, their histories, and their interests. You can use this information in your outreach emails to start a conversation.

3. Don’t Delay

When it comes to post-HIMSS email outreach, timing is everything. Get into your new prospects’ and connections’ inboxes while HIMSS is still top of mind. Once they’re back to the daily grind, it may be too late.

4. Stand Out

Don’t send out a generic blast to everyone you met at HIMSS. There’s nothing more impersonal and off-putting than starting an email with “Dear Sir or Madam” or “It was great meeting you at HIMSS!” when you never actually met the person. People are more likely to engage with you if you send a personalized email. Address each person by name and write a personal message based on your conversation at HIMSS (this is where your note taking comes in handy!). Adding your headshot to your email signature is another great way to help your connections recognize and remember you from the show.

5. Provide the Next Step

Just as you tailor the outreach email to each person, provide a specific call to action at the end of the email based on each person’s needs or what they are most likely to do next. Whether it’s a white paper download, case study, or product demo, guide them down the right path.

6. Share with Sales

Share all of your new connections with the sales team! A relationship started at HIMSS will surely die out if you don’t nurture it properly. The sales team will make sure each lead makes it into the appropriate nurture campaign for best results.

7. Plan for Next Year

During and immediately after the show, you’re bound to have ideas whirling around in your head for next year. Don’t trust your ideas to memory – we all know how that usually turns out. Write them down and reference your ideas when planning for next year.

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