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B2B Nuggets: Content Marketing Myths & Fascinating Thought Leaders

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Check out some of the great business, healthcare, and technology content we’ve found recently. Each of these pieces contains some valuable information, so give them a quick view! If you have an interesting article to share, feel free to add it to the comments section below. This week we researched B2B marketing strategies, common content marketing myths, and the top thought leaders in our industry.

Business Leaders Discuss B2B Marketing Strategies

6 Business Leaders on the B2B Marketing Strategies They Value Most

Having strategies tailored for B2B marketing is important. The problem is, there are so many strategies. How do you know which ones to implement? Do you spend time on creating an informative video or writing an interactive newsletter? Marketing automation or referral marketing? A combination?

This article points out some of the most important strategies, so this can help you get started at the very least. Take a look and take notes!

3 B2B Content Marketing Myths You Need to Know the Truth About

Common B2B Marketing Myths DebunkedMany B2B marketers see content marketing as useful for B2C marketing only, and don’t see the value in it for B2B marketing. Why would companies need blogs, social media, and all that jazz to market to other companies? Well, did you know that 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing? We know, shocking.

Read this article to see what other tactics B2B marketers use as part of their entire content marketing strategy, and bust more B2B content marketing myths!

The Ten Most Fascinating People in B2B Marketing in 2017

Ten Fascinating B2B MarketersRuth P Stevens is a B2B marketer, consultant, educator, speaker, and author. She makes a list of fascinating thought leaders in B2B marketing, in her point of view, every year. These folks made her list in 2017 because she finds them interesting as people and finds their additions to the B2B marketing community compelling.

We found these contributions valuable, so we wanted to share them. You’ll find strategy names, a coined term, new book, and more!

Do you know someone that has also impacted the B2B marketing community? Comment below!

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