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My Top 10 Takeaways From The 1st Health IT Marketing Conference

Last week, I attended and spoke at the first Health IT Marketing Conference. Great job to John Lynn and Shahid Shah for assembling such an amazing group of people, booking a completely inspiring space at the InNevation Center, and showing up most of the more established conferences in the industry. Now for my top 10 […]


14 Apr Web Design | Comments

Is Your Mobile Website Costing You Revenue?

Americans are using smartphones everywhere they go. They use them at home, in the car, at work, at the gym, in the doctor’s office waiting room, at the store, and even in bed. When was the last time your cell phone was out of your site for more than 30 minutes? I bet you have […]


LA2M Presents: Marketing Challenges for Healthcare

On Wednesday, April 9th, LA2M will host Jeff Scott of Duffey Petrosky for a presentation on the unique challenges of marketing in the healthcare industry. Jeff will discuss how his agency has helped health insurers and healthcare systems meet advertising, communications, and marketing goals as the Affordable Car Act reforms America’s healthcare industry. Join Clarity […]


01 Apr Google | Comments

Google Plays “AdBirds” April Fools Prank

When AdWords customers logged into their accounts this morning, they saw a clever April Fools joke from Google. A new AdWords feature, “AdBirds”, offered advertisers the ability to place ad text on real birds! Your choices included a sparrow, owl, duck, eagle, pigeon, or penguin. Your bird of choice would even fly over your target […]


24 Mar Google | Comments

New Google Search Results Layout Draws Criticism

Google’s new search results page layout is now live for all users. Although the change is still new, the criticism is widespread. Most bloggers and industry thought leaders say the new layout is a step in the wrong direction for the world’s leading search engine. In the organic search results, Google removed the underline from […]


Continue Marketing Nurture After Trade Shows

Marketers get so hung up on pre-show trade show campaigns, they often forget about nurturing leads after the show.  They leave the contacts and business cards in the hands of the sales department, forgetting that 80-90% of those leads aren’t ready to buy today, but are prospects for future sales. One simple way to continue […]


Upcoming LA2M Presentation on Marketing at a Big Ten University

On Wednesday, March 19th, LA2M of Ann Arbor will host a marketing event featuring Heather Swain, the Vice President of Communications and Brand Strategy at Michigan State University. Have you ever wondered what it takes to market for a major brand like a Big 10 University? Attendees will have the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge […]


Marketing in 10 Seconds or Less: Snapchat & Vine

You’ve probably heard of Snapchat and Vine and maybe you’ve even used them to share fun and creative pictures and videos with your friends. New social sharing apps like these gain popularity extremely fast, especially among younger audiences. Next time you’re composing a killer Vine video or sending a creative Snapchat, think about how your […]


Embracing the Mobile Shift

There is no question that we live in a multi-platform, mobile world today. The adoption of Internet-connected mobile devices has risen dramatically over the past few years – and there are no signs of a slow down. Mobile phone usage is close to ubiquitous in North America. With 148 million Americans owning smartphones and 72 […]


The Best SEO Articles of February 2014

As online marketing best practices continue to evolve, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and opinions. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite blog posts and articles from some of the brightest SEO industry thought leaders. Enjoy! Link Building in 2014 is All About Building Your Brand & Reputation – Eric […]