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Healthcare Marketing & Tech Predictions

Recent trends indicate a promising future for the healthcare IT industry. By 2020, the global market for healthcare analytics is projected to triple in value reaching $16.9 billion. In upcoming years, a wider adoption of technologies including wearable devices, electronic health records, and online [...]

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“It Works for Me”: Steve Haekler, Marketing Director, ProModel Corporation

Everyone has their own best practices and tools for getting the job done. Some include holding onto their iPhone for dear life or learning how to stay organized even during the chaotic times. Our recurring segment “It Works for Me” features business professionals sharing their [...]

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Be Prepared for Marketing “Day 1” and Beyond During M&A

Melding the marketing efforts two (or more) companies after an acquisition or merger is no small task. Recently I was contacted by a reporter at the Austin American-Statesman who wanted to understand the importance of the Day 1 messaging and marketing efforts after Dell's acquisition [...]

Website Copywriting Best Practices for SEO

When writing copy for your website, keep in mind the two audiences you need to write for: your human audience and your robot audience. No, this isn’t a futuristic, sci-fi-meets-marketing post. I’m talking about Google and Bing’s search bots and web crawlers, of course. Ignoring [...]

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Spotlight on Native Advertising

Just as chameleons change colors, native content changes formats to blend in with different environments. The Nature of Sponsored Media Placements: A native ad is a paid placement of relevant content on a third-party site, formatted to fit the platform. These ads appear in-stream and are narrowly [...]

B2B Nuggets: Health Research & Innovation

Check out some of the great business, healthcare, and technology content we’ve found this week. Each of these pieces contains some valuable information, so give them a quick view! Feel free to add your recommendations to the comments section below. This week, we have been [...]

Digital Ad Trends & Predictions

Consumers are adopting more tablets, mobile phones, and wearable tech devices. As a result, traditional television viewing is decreasing, and marketers are putting fewer resources into TV advertising. If fact, in 2017, digital ad spending in the US is predicted to exceed TV ad spending for [...]

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Be Less Busy with Slack

Slack is a company dedicated to helping individuals be less busy. Thousands of businesses and teams use Slack to communicate and collaborate on projects. Notable users include Airbnb, LinkedIn, Ticketmaster, and eBay. Slack offers messaging and organisational tools for project management. This platform is free for [...]

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Mythbusters: Online Marketing Edition

The world of online marketing is full of antiquated concepts and beliefs that were either never true or have long been disproven. Unfortunately, many online marketing “professionals” perpetuate these myths, and consumers believe them. Today we are debunking five common SEO and PPC myths — [...]

Get Started with AdWords in Less than 2 Hours

Have you been curious about paid search, but don’t think you have the time to get started? Our new guide makes it easy. We’ve outlined the 7 simple steps you need to follow to setup an effective AdWords account and Search Network campaign in less [...]

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