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Is Tag Management Right for You?

What are “Tags”? The term “tag” has a variety of meanings and uses in online marketing. Marketers commonly use tags when referring to content tagging, blog categorization, and metadata for SEO. In the context of this post, a tag refers to a snippet of JavaScript [...]

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What I’m Reading: Shut Up and Run

I first discovered Robin Arzón last winter on my Peloton spin cycle app. Just by chance I picked her class over the hundreds of others in the library.  The first 45-minute class almost made me faint (do one, you’ll see), but I came back for [...]

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Social Media Automation & Conversation

At Clarity Quest, we've been experimenting with new social media automation tools to enhance our digital presence. Automation is a great way to build a strong brand and audience online. One popular automation company, Buffer, recommends to their users, "Automate what you can while still remaining engaged [...]

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Put Your Website Center Stage: 5 Steps to Increase Credibility and Engagement

No matter where customers start their product or service search—online or off—they will almost always be driven to your website for more information at some point in the process. If you're doing any amount of online marketing, customers will likely: Conduct an online search on their preferred [...]

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Make Ideas Happen with Asana

Our favorite marketing took this week is Asana, a project management platform. This company was started after the co-founders, Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein, created a tool at Facebook that changed how their teams worked together internally. The company's mission is "to help humanity thrive by enabling all [...]

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Just Why Can’t We Jump Off the Stratosphere?

We’re sponsoring attendee badge lanyards at the HITMC conference in April 2017. Rather than do the boring thing and put our logo on the lanyards, we wanted to do something different. Our team came up with a great marketing idea.  We were going to sponsor [...]

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Woman Business Owners Rock Throughout the World

As a woman starting a business in America, I was very lucky to have easy access to capital even back in 2001 when I started Clarity Quest.  My husband also owns a business and our experiences with banks are refreshingly the same. (Car buying is another [...]

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Four (Easy) PowerPoint Design Tips You Can Use Now

Everyone wants to avoid “death by PowerPoint”—whether on the giving or receiving end of a presentation. Here are four PowerPoint design tips you can use today that will add a bit of spark to your design for a very small time investment. Whether you're creating a [...]

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B2B Nuggets: Value Creation & Customer Connection

Check out some of the great business, healthcare, and technology content we’ve found this week. Each of these pieces contains some valuable information, so give them a quick view! Feel free to add your recommendations to the comments section below. This week, we have been [...]

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HIMSS Booth Design & Vendor Selection Tips

Trade show and event expenses often account for over 40% of the average B2B company’s marketing budget1. Booth design, set up, tear down, shipping and rental or purchase make up a large amount of the trade show expense, so it’s important to be smart with [...]

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