We’re Not Monkeying Around at HITMC

Well okay, it is Vegas, so maybe just a little mischief is in order! The SLS Hotel monkeys aren’t the only ones you’ll see this week. If you are lucky enough to find or catch an HITMC monkey (wearing a Clarity Quest T-shirt), simply take a selfie with the monkey and post to Twitter with the hashtags #HITMCMonkeys and #HITMC and you’ll be automatically entered [...]

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A Social Media Campaign, You Mention?

When it comes to the starting social media campaigns, many skip the most important first step: careful observation. A post that may seem valuable to you might not be viewed the same way by your consumer. It is critical to discover what excites your consumer and what is valuable to them before jumpstarting a campaign. How, you may ask, are you supposed to figure this [...]

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Clarity Quest to Present at HITMC

This year's Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference, HITMC, is taking place April 5–7, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. At the event, don't miss Chris Slocumb's presentation on content personalization. It’s not uncommon for health IT purchases to involve up to 20 stakeholders and for the buying decision to take over 24 months. Using humor, examples, and real-world metrics, Chris will share how content personalization shortens sales cycles [...]

HIMSS18 Preparation: What’s Your Theme?

Can you believe it’s already been one month since HIMSS17? As fast as that first month flew by, the next 11 will too and before you know it, we will be right back at HIMSS18 in Las Vegas! Don’t let the planning for HIMSS18 slip too long. One year seems like a long time to plan an event, but if you’ve ever been part of [...]

How Will AI Impact Digital Marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the power of computers and machines to emulate human thinking and make decisions. The AI field is expected to expand substantially in upcoming years. In 2017, AI technology will continue to grow with more applications and services. In fact, AI spending is predicted to grow from $640M in 2016 to $37B by 2025, according to Financier Worldwide. Furthermore, a [...]

Testing LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content Ads

Advertising on LinkedIn — the world’s top social media platform for content distribution — puts your content and brand in front of a targeted audience seeking thought leadership, news, and insights in their field. If you’re new to LinkedIn advertising, you have a few options to get started. If you’ve dabbled in LinkedIn ads before but are looking for ways to improve campaign performance, we’ve [...]

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