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Creating a microsite? Follow these 6 best practices.

A microsite is an individual webpage or group of webpages which are used to support, enhance, or supplement a primary or parent website. The main difference between a microsite and a parent site is its focus on one main topic or theme compared to the broader scope of the parent site. Microsites are often used to target new markets or to create focused content for [...]

How to overcome Google Ads restrictions for medical device and pharma companies

All healthcare companies will run into some limitations when advertising with Google Ads, but just how many and how restrictive they will be depends on the subject matter of the landing pages and the nature of the products and services promoted. So what exactly can healthcare-related advertisers do with Google Ads? And is advertising with Google worth it? The short answers are “a lot” and [...]

How to write website copy for SEO

Creating a brand new website or revamping an existing site is the perfect time to implement a solid search engine optimization strategy. Whether you have some experience with organic search optimization or are starting from scratch, a website design project is an ideal opportunity to get your SEO ducks in a row. Once you’ve completed a comprehensive key phrase analysis (looking at search volumes, ranking [...]

How to setup an effective Google Ads account in under 2 hours

Fear of the unknown can often keep us out of the game. Such is the case for many companies when it comes to pay-per-click advertising. Businesses big and small are unfamiliar with the capabilities of PPC advertising and the many benefits it can bring. PPC is one of the best ROI channels for our healthcare marketing agency and many of our clients. Running paid search [...]

Clarity Quest president panelist at inaugural event

President of Clarity Quest Marketing, Chris Slocumb, will be a panelist at The Accelerator of Biosciences in Connecticut Continuing Education (ABCT CE) program’s inaugural event.   What: Sales & Marketing for Biosciences Startups event When: Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm Where: UCONN TIP   This event is for professionals in sales and/or marketing in the biosciences startup world, as well as ABCT alums, [...]

How far ahead should I start marketing preparation for a big trade show?

When should I start planning for a big show? You wouldn’t start training for an around-the-world vacation two weeks before your first flight. Yet many marketing teams call our marketing agency in a panic only six or eight weeks before a huge show asking for help to start show planning. Exhibit booth space and team travel to a show is often the most expensive line [...]

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